'Zero FEAR' 0.0% ABV Stout - Alcohol Free Beer - Rok Soba
'Zero FEAR' 0.0% ABV Stout - Alcohol Free Beer - Rok Soba
'Zero FEAR' 0.0% ABV Stout - Alcohol Free Beer - Rok Soba

Rok Soba

'Zero FEAR' 0.0% ABV Stout

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Order a pack of 24 'Zero FEAR' beers and receive a further 6 bottles FREE, plus receive a 'Too Badass For Booze' Enamel Pin - While stocks last!

Rok Soba's mission is to change perceptions about sobriety, so introduced an AF beer that screams 'badass'. Just because you don't drink, doesn't mean you can't rock sober!
Rok Soba 'Zero FEAR' 0.0% ABV Stout will fool even the most hardened drinker. It's dark and rich with deep aromas of chocolate and hints of vanilla, all well balanced by a smooth toasted, deglutenised malt base. This beer is not only alcohol free, but also gluten free and vegan friendly.

With 'Zero FEAR' you will stand out in the crowd for all the right reasons and you will also be helping the cause, where revenues will assist Rok Soba's long term goal of building an Inspiration Centre and introducing a Foundation to assist and re-skill recovering addicts.

Launch of Rok Soba's 'Zero FEAR' beer at The Keys, Tower of London - Rok Soba are proud to officially support the Yeoman Warders (Beefeater) charity through sales of their alcohol free 'Zero FEAR' stout in the very prestigious bar, The Keys, set within the grounds of the Tower of London. It was here that Rok Soba held their official launch of the beer, a short film of which can be seen here:

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