About Us

Rok Soba formed in December 2017, when brothers, Shaun and Lee (sober since January 2015 and October 2014 respectively), felt the need to inject inspiration and rock 'n' roll to those on a similar path. Their brand name simply evolved from the words 'Rock' and 'Sober', but with the intention of eliminating the obvious and providing a unique alternative for someone who is contemplating sobriety, already sober or simply wanting to adopt a more mindful approach to drinking.

Rok Soba's branding is bold and badass, yet intricate and thought-provoking. It carries with it a very significant meaning and message. Moths represent darkness, light and transformation. Allow the moth to draw you to the light, just as moths are drawn to the light, and let it be your guide out of the darkness. Moths undergo an intense metamorphosis and so the moth is there to help guide you through your time of transformation, perhaps outgrowing your old self to make way for the new, allowing you to spread your wings and take to the sky. The Death's Head Hawkmoth, on which their design is based, can be seen as a representation of your old way of life coming to an end and a new beginning on the horizon.

To some Native American tribes, moths were thought to be sacred and powerful creatures, which is why other symbolic tribal items have been included within the design. Arrows can only be shot by pulling them backwards, and so act as a reminder when life is pulling you back with difficulties that you will eventually be launched into something better. Native American feathers have been used to represent freedom, power, wisdom, trust, honour and respect, and were awarded as a symbol of strength to those who had achieved a personal accomplishment or something great for the tribe.

The wings of an angel symbolise protection, affection and harmony, and can empower and inspire us to overcome any difficulties that life may bring. They also remind us that we are never really alone and can call upon an angel during times of stress, loneliness, confusion, illness or fear.

Their motto, Face Everything And Rise, is born from the acronym F.E.A.R. There are two options...Forget Everything And Run, or Rok Soba's choice, Face Everything And Rise.

Find out more about the brothers and their journey in this short film: